Evil Clown

Yes, Brandon is

climbing down. As surreptitiously as possible.

There’s yet another sign of a partial return to normality inside the federal government and the Biden administration running up the white flag in terms of the vaccination wars. Starting next week, there will be no more “special” COVID testing protocols for federal employees based on their vaccination status. Offices that require testing (particularly in healthcare facilities) will have all employees tested and will no longer inquire as to the worker’s vaccination status. Offices without mandatory testing requirements will cease mandating testing for unvaccinated workers… 

… So what happens to all of the workers who were either fired or resigned from their jobs in anticipation of being fired because they refused to comply? What compensation will be available to them for the disruption of their careers? Are we all supposed to just forget about them, return to our normal lives, and pretend all of this never happened?

UPDATE: Just as an aside, I quit a job over them demanding that I get the vaccine. Yes, I am now in a better position and I would never go back, but the fact remains that I left because of their rigid vaccine vaccine crap. And the treatment program I was working in collapsed because there was no one to fill my role…

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