Despotism Moral Agency

NEVER forget!

Your supposed “leaders” did this. Because they stupidly thought went along with the ruse that it would keep people from getting infected with the flu COVID. We all knew that was not true after the first couple of months…

And they dropped sand in skate parks to try and do the same thing.

THIS is the despotic (yet kooky) Left. A strange concoction of malignant goofiness and pure evil. They HATE moral agency in any form. That is what Leftism is all about!

And it’s breathtakingly evil. And if you get in their way, they will crush you like a bug if they at all can.

And as has been the case from time immemorial, YOU have to choose whether or not YOU are on the side of moral agency or on the side of force and despotism.

So where are YOU?

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In San Diego, they gated and dropped sand in our neighborhood skate park during covid. Then they hid cops to ticket kids. Now, 2 years later, they have allowed homeless to set up huge RV camps in the parking lot. No one brings our kids to the skatepark anymore ☹️. It used to be full of kids 24/7

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