Bad Faith

So why did Joe Manchin

do this to his voters; utterly betray them–and the rest of us? Why did he crump and let Biden’s inflationary spend-a-palooza go forward? Why, when it so hurt WV coal miners? Manchin likes to dress up present himself as a centrist. But no centrist would ever have voted for this porker of a bill!

Now that Mr. Manchin held up his end of the deal, progressive Democrats in the House say they owe him nothing because they were shut out of the deal-making process, and streamlining energy projects would undercut their newly enacted climate spending law.”

“We sure as hell don’t owe Joe Manchin anything now,” said Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan.

So just why did he get rolled? I think there are three reasons that he did this.

The first is that he is really not running again. So nothing he does make a bit of difference in terms of his election. He simply has no election coming up. And there is no other Democrat who has a snowball’s chance in Hell of being elected in WV. Look, he has taken his wad and is now done. So he might as well go along with the Biden crap-fest–there is no personal gain in doing otherwise!

The second is that he honestly thought he would get away with it. Manchin is not a stupid man (it was a stupid move, but not in the low-IQ sense). He likely knew very well that he was running a HUGE risk of getting snookered. But he figured he would roll the dice anyway. And due to the first point there really wasn’t much at stake. He was hoping for a good (if statistically unlikely) roll … and got snake eyes.

But the third is that he is actually not a centrist. He just pretends to be one for the cameras…

He got rooked. Sure, but this is who he is. Look, there ARE no more “blue dog” Democrats. And more’s the pity…

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