So why did the DOJ

release nothing in the release their redacted-to-the-point-of-uselessness warrant?I think there are two reasons:

First, there was nothing of criminal concern there. And it would spur outrage, generally. Pretend “middle-of-the-road” folks would then have to face obvious morally disgusting behavior. The warrant just didn’t justify the Gestapo-like raid, and thus releasing it would scare the sheep.

Having things thus leaves kooky Leftists who pretend to be moderates a slender reed, still. It is, fundamentally, “plausible deniability” for the apologetic, defensive Leftist crowd. Sure, it is and always was fake, and every knows it, but it allows the charade to continue.

Second (and related), it was an obvious boondoggle authorized by a not-real-judge, lick-spittle Democrat lackey. There is a very good reason Democrats went to a “tame” magistrate rather than to a real judge! And to actually release the warrant would have been to pull the curtain back on the man (men and women) behind it–thus the deliberately obfuscating (and unnecessary) redactions!

The warrant was clearly weak to the point of being laughable. And the one thing the Left simply can’t abide being laughed at–it is Kryptonite to them!

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