Bad Faith Culture

Animal fats do NOT

cause problems. The whole Vegan/Vegetarian fad is just a bunch of crap, from a scientific point of view. I mean, I really don’t care what adults decide is good for them. But in terms of group information, the data are pretty clear.

“Animal fats are essential for life; they were the most highly valued part of the diet of traditional cultures,” said Fallon.

… “If they killed an animal and it was too lean. They just threw it away; it was considered rubbish. When they did kill an animal and it was okay [in fat content], the first thing they ate were the brain, the tongue, the marrow, and the liver. Those are the most nutrient-dense parts of the animal. And then what they did was cut up the lean meat and strips and dry it or smoke it and they rendered all the fat and when they ate the lean meat, they spread it with the fat. They never ate lean meat.”

And let’s not pretend that raw leafy greens cannot damage you.

Yet, a 2013 study on over 450 men found that men who replaced saturated fats with polyunsaturated fats, had an increased mortality rate of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, as well as all-cause mortality. [emphasis added]

Bottom line: You have been sadly misinformed. It was initially a lie. But now it is just misinformation.

Tallow from beef provides an alternative to fish as a safer source of omega-3 fatty acids and is also low in omega-6 fatty acids, which is known to contribute to inflammation. Raw milk is a great source of calcium, vitamin A, D, K, iron, zinc, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids.

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