Culture Justice

I am NOT at all

a fan of vigilantism. But Leftists need to be careful, because it appears that they are stoking the vigilante fires.

ALWAYS remember, police are not there mainly to solve crime (though they might well do that at times, it is often investigators who actually do it). They are there to protect the due process rights of accused people. And I totally approve of that.

But let’s not pretend that the vigilante spirit is not strongly a part of the American culture, from Death Wish to most other good pieces of entertainment. Even in Harry Potter the issue was, “Oh, I’m going to take this dirtbag out!” And there was no trial…

Sure, Rowling pooped the bed at the last and made Harry a neutered, house-broken, tame “werewolf,” but he was a werewolf through 99.9% of the series… (Yes, I’m still pretty sore about her gross unfaithfulness to the character in the service of her own petty beliefs)

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