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Uh, yeah!

So why “again?”

I thought that (rather sheep-like) Democrat lackeys assured us that Biden’s election was not stolen! So just how could an election be stolen again? I mean, just what election has been stolen before?

Was Biden just accidentally spilling the beans?

Maybe you are saying that Biden was just being Biden and saying something stupid and untrue. But Lefties, do you really want to go down that path? I’m not sure you do… I mean, those of us with eyes to see have been saying that Biden is senile and incompetent and a chronic liar for some time, now.

So, Lefties, now you agree? Because your stance is not at all clear–either he was admitting to election fraud and chronic dishonesty or he was demonstrating that he is cognitively incompetent.

So Lefties, which is it?

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