Epic fail Evil

Wow! That is

ugly! Who is the blamed fool who thought this was a good idea?

MAJORLY divisive speech, bathed in red light, with armed Marines backing him up.

It was horrible judgment. Even notable Lefties agree:

Meanwhile, even CNN talent was unnerved by the display. Chief National Affairs Correspondent Jeff Zeleny took issue with the staging of the Marines behind Biden for such a political speech, calling it a “break with White House traditions.”

… CNN’s Brianna Keilar joined in the criticism as well saying the positioning of Marines behind Biden for a speech like Thursday night’s “flies in the face” of the idea that America’s military is “supposed to be apolitical.”

… Perhaps Biden’s combative screed that was ironically previewed by the White House as one of unity did succeed in one way: uniting media across the partisan spectrum in its criticism of the imagery the president used to back up his words.

Oh yeah, there’s unity, all right. Unity in getting rid of the dictator Joe Biden!

As one wag joked on Twitter, “Can we all bow our heads a moment in solemn memory of the White House advance man who will be found in Fort Marcy Park tomorrow.”

Yeah, staging by Leni Riefenstahl.

Just NOT a good look:

Folks, your country needs you. Let’s roll.

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