Epic fail Evil

It was a

huge blunder!

Unable to campaign on substance, Biden’s Thursday speech was designed to change the subject. Biden is hoping his party can retain complete control of Washington by making the 2022 midterm elections all about one man whose name isn’t on a single ballot: Trump.

The only bright side of Biden’s sermon was its unintentional comedy. Instead of clearly illuminating the iconic Independence Hall behind him, the Biden White House chose dim red lighting, which turned the building into an unrecognizable but ominous mix of red and dark shadows. Add in a pair of full-dress Marines on either side of him and Biden looked like he was an ancient despot from some third-rate science fiction movie. If Biden was trying to set a somber tone while making the case that independents should fear MAGA Republicans, he bungled badly. What few voters who did watch Biden’s speech probably came away wondering why he was sharing his plans for world domination.

Folks, it looked like it was a speech given at the the gates of Hell. That’s called a Washington “gaffe.” They unintentionally revealed the truth!

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