The problem with

Post-Modern thought: Radical Relativism.

See, modern Democrat thought is deeply Post-Modern and relativistic. There IS no Truth, only truth.

In other words, there are no facts, only opinions that are themselves socially constructed and thus not fundamentally real, only socially accepted.

That door is green? Well, that’s just your opinion, man! I mean, there are tons of people out there who do not perceive the “green-ness” because their rods and cones in their eyes can’t perceive it!

And just how do you know that they are perceiving it “wrong” and not YOU? Maybe YOU are the one with a “disorder.” So one has to appeal to some kind of Platonic “World of Forms” to make that work.

Sure, Democrats might rear like a spooked stallion at this, but it is totally logical. Inescapable.

So for the Post-Modernist, all you can say is that many perceive the door as what we have decided to call “green.” But there IS no absolute truth-value to that! We have, most of us, just decided it–it is socially constructed.

So I think we ALL have to decide whether there is actually Truth, or only truth.

Democrats have bought whole-hog into this relativism. Their beliefs, then, are easily dismantled and are merely an imposition of force, not something that is actually True. So the hammer that built Caesar’s house can also demolish Caesar’s house!

Lefties, be careful about what you argue, because your assertions are at least as vulnerable to the criticisms of Post-Modernism as anything else. Moreso, actually. They are, at heart, self-refuting!

If I am a Post-modern, there IS no truth, including THAT one! There is ONLY opinion and the power to impose that opinion. Including THAT one…

In short, despotism and denial of Truth are baked into the Post-Modern cake!

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