Epic fail Evil Clown

It was just

epically bad!

Yes indeed, Joe Biden is Gollum, desperately lusting for power. And like Gollum, he is very dangerous and cannot just be laughed at and dismissed.

Others have pointed it out, but it really was shocking how President Biden’s recent speech in Philadelphia resembled a cinematic cameo by one of the lesser demons of hell. 

Joe Biden is pathetic and utterly laughable. But don’t be confused, he is also very dangerous. As seen in a recent movie:

He then mocks Gargan as nothing more than a cue-card holder for Kennedy, who’s an important leader. It’s not smoke and fire and the horns of Satan, but something more powerful — the quiet degradation of another human being. Teddy, now converted to the dark side, tells Joe that everybody has negative traits. Even Moses had a temper, he offers. “That’s true,” Joe replies, “but Moses didn’t leave a dead girl at the bottom of the Red Sea.”

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