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I think there is a

LONG history of the guns winning, here.

But the problem for them is quantity. There are tens of millions of American patriots with guns, AR-15s being only one color in the rainbow of freedom-defending firearms. Real diversity is 5.56mm alongside 7.62mm and .30-06 and 12 gauge and .45 and others, all firing together for a brighter tomorrow. So, there better be a lot of airplanes to balance out millions of patriots.

…. That’s still a lot of platforms and they can still do a lot of damage – assuming there are enough bombs stored in our bunkers (The Hellfire missile stocks would vanish quickly and aren’t those made in Florida? Awkward!). Can that fleet of aircraft do enough damage to deter and defeat a few million red rebels? How does one say “I am unconvinced” in Pashto?

… Wait, how does an AR-15 defeat an F-15? You can’t really shoot it down. No, but you can shoot it up on the ground. And you can ambush its logistics. And the pilots – well, the old Irish Republican Army (not the later, communist one) a century ago was getting clobbered by a bunch of Scotland Yard detectives in Dublin sent over from London, so they surveilled the coppers and one morning launched a coordinated operation to assassinate the whole lot of them. Remember, pilots (including drone jockeys) do not grow on trees. It’s no secret, except to dumb people, that the weak point in a military machine is the meat-sack in the driver’s seat. And don’t imagine the people having bombs dropped on them are going to be nice to the guys dropping the bombs on them and their families – or to Biden’s pilots’ families. When you okay dropping JDAMs on civilians, you don’t get to dictate payback.

Oh, and do you think the good people at Hill Air Force base and Mt. Home Air Force base are just going to salute and bomb US civilians?

He couldn’t even defeat a bunch of illiterate Afghani goat-herders. Can you even imagine what a motivated American public would do?

Oh, and have you ever heard of sabotage? Does “Biden” even know how amazingly naïve and stupid his threats are?

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