Current Events

You know,

we are finally starting to see a little pushback.

My prediction? It will quickly gain steam. This movement will be spearheaded by former military docs. I think they tend to be less likely to take crap and more likely to fight back. I think former flight surgeons and those who have been deployed in particular.

Such folks are accustomed to being in charge, not accustomed to taking a bunch of crap (even from higher-ups), and understand well that they may be pressured HARD, if captured, by an enemy to do bad things.

They will go along for a while–and they have. But I strongly suspect having spent years among them, that there are lines that they really can’t be pressured to cross (at least for many of them).

I don’t think ALL physicians who revolt will be former military, but I do think those former military folks will be the “tip of the spear.”

They took a Hippocratic oath. They have a duty as a physician. They also took an oath as an officer–an oath that is always in effect, regardless of active duty status. …ALL enemies, both foreign and domestic…

Many of us in all areas of expertise WILL fulfill our oath!

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