Oh yes. But

the problem is likely not what you think.

See, anyone who was even a little informed knew after a few months that school lockdowns were a steaming pile of crap.

The problem the Leftists are having is NOT that school lockdowns are a pile of dung–we almost always knew THAT. Their problem is being caught with their hands jammed deep into the cookie jar. Their upset stems from being exposed, not at all for pushing an obviously wrong agenda!

For them, the problem is NOT what they did, but facing the consequences of their actions. They are perfectly OK with the crime, just not the time!

The scandal is that they were perfectly willing to do along with damage to kids. Some did it out of ignorance. Some did it out of stupidity. Some did it out of fear of losing money. And some did it out of evil.

But they all did it. Teachers have shown that on the broad level, they are NOT your friend!

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