Epic fail Hypocrisy

Yeah, sometimes crap-eating

virtue-signaling has a cost. And wacky Lefty hacks are having a kitten over it.

It was free—and meaningless—for progressive churches to post banners calling themselves “nuclear free zones” during the Reagan era. Their dwindling congregations loved it. It was free, after George Floyd’s murder, to post woke catechism signs on your front lawn, proclaiming “In this house, we believe: Black Lives Matter, women’s rights are human rights, no human is illegal” and so on. Maybe the neighbors gave you high-fives. And for years it has been free for deep-blue cities to proclaim themselves “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants. That’s changing now that voters want some sanctuary for themselves.

Hypocrites. They just don’t like it when their own dog bites them. Cry me a river…

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