Elections Epic fail

Yes, because

THAT would not be OK at all for them.

If November is a referendum on Biden’s odious record and treatment of everyday Americans the last 600 days — not on the guy who occupied the Oval Office prior —  Democrats will lose badly.

THAT is the BIG reason why Leftists are still yakking about Trump. That, and the fact that they are not psychologically capable of addressing the actual issues.

Really, when was the last time you heard any Democrat actually arguing issues? It has been decades. I mean, they would rather escape to the peanut gallery and there spit poisoned pot-shots than directly argue a point. It’s, at heart, psychologically defensive.

Most all strident Democrats are the folks sitting in the nose-bleed section complaining about coaches, but they themselves have never even sniffed the field and know almost nothing about the game.

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