My understanding of

the VA/Federal abortion issue:

Yes, the VA (Veteran’s Affairs) hospitals are “Federal Enclaves” and as such are not really beholden to state laws. So they could perform abortions with immunity from state laws.

BUT (and it is a big but), there really are not many Veterans who need or want abortions. See, to be eligible for treatment at the VA, you have to meet the eligibility conditions set by Congress.

And guess what? There just are not many abortions needed or even wanted in that population. SHOCKER: Your average crack hoe is NOT a veteran!

So it’s not like the VA is going to set up community abortion clinics. They cannot become Planned Parenthood.

And abortion is almost never a medically emergent issue. So it would naturally be referred out. I mean, my large local VA in the State Capitol doesn’t even have a neurologist and therefore has to totally refer out to the community for that!

So the number of abortions the VA could perform is miniscule. And we haven’t even addressed the Hyde Amendment…

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