Lefty Political Philosophy

Well, yeah.

It’s pretty dang obviously true. ANYONE with half a brain realizes that Leftism is rooted in violence! Oh sure, lots of Lefties want to pretend, Pollyanna-like, that that is not true, but of course it is. DUH!

The Democrats’ ongoing fairy tale about the nonexistent right-wing domestic threat is on my last nerve now, especially since we all know that the real dark evil in this country is lurking on the left. It’s not even on the fringes. A couple of weeks ago we saw the president of the United States deliver an unhinged screed and declare ideological war on half the voters in the country.

And the FBI arrested Mike Lundell. Wow! Dissidents getting arrested because they are critics of the regime. Think about that for a moment, folks!

But wait, it gets worse — for Biden. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they opposed Biden’s speech, and 44% supported it. Those aren’t the numbers an underwater-polling president needs so close to a major election.

I’m not dumb, you know. And now Lefties won’t even defend their policies in public when they are running for office! The shift to the hermetically sealed Lefty bubble is almost complete…

And understand well, THAT avoidance is total strategy. It used to be just interpersonal avoidance, but now it has infected the public sphere, as well.

PLEASE understand what is happening, here. It is no accident. It is Lefty strategy.

Lefties: Just shut up and buy this cat in a bag! Or you gets the bullet…

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