Current Events

Here are some thoughts

I’ve had about Russia and Ukraine:

Russia looks really bad. Yeah, they have nuclear weapons, but they look like a weak idiot with a really big single shot gun (and nothing more). And without the threat of that military prowess–the “more,” they’re just a bee–sure, they can sting you once and they are indeed dangerous, but then its pretty much over. Bees die after they sting once.

And the one most hurt by this whole Ukraine/Russia debacle is Syria. They are now discovering that their main ally and supplier and protector is actually nothing more than a one-shot Willy. And now that Russia can no longer provide any real help to them, Syria is seriously hosed!

So now, what stops the Israelis from getting rid of the Syrian pain-in-the-butt once and for all? Heaven knows Russian troops are certainly no obstacle! First there ARE none available, and second, even if they were do you think for a nanosecond that they would be more effective against Israel than they were against Ukraine?

No, Syria was shooting dice and just rolled snake eyes!

In addition, Tehran has just lost a major weapons supplier. So THAT is going to be a problem for the very survival of the mullahs. No wonder they so desperately want (and now have) nuclear weapons!

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