And THAT is

why there will be massive Democrat cheating. Still:

So while the generic ballot seems to be shrinking as undecideds start to make their selection, it is hard to believe Democrats will cover the gap. Voters are less happy with the direction of the nation than they were a year ago and no more pleased than they were with President Biden. Like it or not, he is the leader of the party, and he is setting the direction for the country.

… The bad news for Cohn is that the Democrats’ comfortable leads in Arizona and Pennsylvania are evaporating. The latest poll from Trafalgar Group shows incumbent Senator Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) is now clinging to a 1.2% advantage over Republican challenger Blake Masters. In the Arizona gubernatorial race, Trafalgar shows Republican Kari Lake with more than a four-point lead over the Democrat challenger. It is hard to believe Lake does not have coattails sufficient to push Masters over the line.

… As one now grizzled old Democrat strategist once said, “It’s the economy, stupid.” Biden’s economic and energy policy is bankrupting middle America. Republicans should beat that drum loud and clear for the next 49 days.

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