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Slow Joe is NOT

in charge! Not even close.

Democrats desperate to hold onto their emergency COVID-19  powers are hitting the airwaves to walk back comments made by President Joe Biden over the weekend that the “pandemic is over.”

THIS is what a panicked walk-back looks like. Of course that’s what it is. Don’t be an ass.

So just who is in charge? We ALL know who isn’t!

Biden said that the pandemic is over!

That infuriated some of the people on the left for whom masking and being locked down has become a religion that they can’t let go of. It got a lot of eyes from those on the right as well because if the pandemic is over, then what’s the legal justification for any of the mandates, not to mention the enormous student loan bailout that is being foisted upon the American taxpayers? Biden was using the “emergency” as a justification for that.

..The powers that be wouldn’t let Biden declare it over. It says everything about who is in charge and it isn’t Biden, as many people noted on Twitter.

… In subsequent tweets, Miller added, “It wasn’t a gaffe. It wasn’t a slip. He said it pretty definitely twice. In the same interview he dared anyone who questioned his mental fitness. Here’s the example. Right here.” [emphasis added]

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