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As I think about it,

it is important to understand that most people today haven’t really experienced a competent President. Let me explain:

Bush I: Not really very competent, but he had a flying start given by Reagan, so he was pretty much OK. A doof, but he really didn’t have to do much. And he couldn’t even do that.
Clinton: TOTALLY morally reprehensible. But he had the Reagan prosperity to fall back on and a Republican Congress, and no matter what a turd he was personally and whatever far Left tendencies he had were covered up by the current necessity. THAT is Bill Clinton in a nutshell: Do or say anything that is expedient.
Bush II: Nice guy who was, at heart, a RINO. He could rise to the occasion (such as 9/11), but that was not a representation of who he actually was in the aggregate. At best a decent manager.
And it was here that the MSM really started in earnest hammering anyone to the right of Stalin. And foolish sheep went bleatingly along with it.
Obama: Horrible in almost all ways. He rode race for all it was worth, while being as far Left as he possibly could. He deliberately guilted the voting population in terms of race. Just as personally avaricious and cynical as Clinton, though with a tad more personal control. Less charm, but more personal discipline.
Trump: Really, the only bright spot of competence. A diamond hidden in a pile of manure. And because of his competence, the “swamp” simply could not tolerate him. So he got 365 bad news coverage. The lackey MSM was all over him like ugly on a hog from day -90 on. Therefore, people really didn’t experience the competence.
Biden: A senile loser, and arguably the worst President ever. Beholden to the Left, being more than happy to let his Lefty freak flag fly, and almost totally incompetent, he lets others drive the bus. “He” drove the economy into the ground and made millions suffer.

But, of course, Biden is not really running the show–he’s just the outward person to lend a patina of legitimacy to the office and the cabal of nasty Lefties who actually run it. And Joe is fine with that. He doesn’t really care as long as he gets his pudding cup in the evening and maybe a little nappy-nappy during the day.

So, today’s voting population has not really experienced competence in a President. The ONLY truly competence/decent one was constantly pilloried by the Left and their MSM toadies.

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