Fighting Back Media Flying Monkeys

Rubio hit

back. And it’s about time! I’m just sick of the MSM dishonest weenies! Aren’t you?

“This highlights two major problems we have in this country. First, reporters believe no one is allowed to ask them questions. They take offense at the idea that you, me, or anyone else should dare to question the sanctity of their reporting. That arrogant, dismissive attitude is exactly why there is a crisis of confidence in our nation’s news outlets. They truly think they are better than everyone else.

“Second, Democrats get away with murder, literally. They are never pushed to answer specific questions about where they stand on the taking of human life. The truth is that every single Democrat supports taxpayer-funded abortion without any restrictions up until the moment a child is born. That is the truth, but Democrats never have to explain their radical position, because the press is all too willing to cover for them.”

Most of us have just had enough!

There’s no longer any reason for officials in either party not to challenge journalists of all stripes with questions about how they cover the news. Just as politicians must be held accountable, so must journalists who peddle stories based on demonstrable falsehoods.

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