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Yes, I DO think

most Democrats are living in a defensive heroine haze in thinking that they are somehow NOT going to get pounded in November. They have, yet again, been snookered by the Democrat “happy talk.”

Maybe they are just relying on more voter fraud.

But the other BIG issue here is voter motivation in regard to turnout. Most Conservatives would crawl over the proverbial broken glass to vote. They are angry, and for good reason. Biden’s poll numbers are in the toilet. Let’s just say that Liberals are not nearly as motivated to vote.

It’s pretty dang clear that they will lose the House. And that means that the Biden lawmaking buffoonery will soon be over (though executive action remains in the crapper). Democrats may also lose the Senate, though that is not nearly as certain.

The danger to losing the House for Democrats is House investigations. Joe and Hunter and that whole cabal have a ton of dirty laundry that they don’t want in the public sphere! It is at minimum very embarrassing for Democrats–and quite possibly far worse.

And if the Senate also flips and starts investigating them…

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