Illegal Immigration Morality

Yes, I think MOST

people with any sense of morality or fairness recognize that immigration is a real problem.

It’s NOT an issue of whether I love this celebrity or that one and what they say. THAT is of little importance. It is an issue of whether I love truth and fairness, regardless of whether or not I like the source! It IS important for me to tolerate hearing a truth I’d rather not face, even if it comes from a person I don’t like.

So if one person calls you a horse, just ignore it. If a second person calls you a horse, just ignore it. But if a third person calls you a horse, go buy hay…

And I think that we ALL should take a hard look at our own morality, at who we really ARE, and not just dismiss and avoid contrary opinions. And we simply can’t take those alternate views seriously very well without directly engaging those who espouse those alternate views, those who believe differently than we do. We need them to hold a mirror up for us to see our selves. There simply IS no salvation in running away!

Word to the wise: DO NOT RUN AWAY FROM CONTRARY VIEWS! The Lefty fever swamps may feel good, but they just hold up to you a picture you want to see–not a mirror. These fever swamps are actually an anesthetic; They are ultimately stifling and antithetical to logic and truth and good sense.

Find someone who will hold up a mirror to you. See, sometimes you need to be willing to go buy hay in order to make progress as a person…

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