Election Fraud Elections

No, no

they don’t. Quite honestly, virtually no one does. But do Democrats have any other decent choices?

Then again, I guess I DO want “Biden” to run again. First, the statistical “regression to the mean” tells us that it is very unlikely that (purely by chance alone) Democrats will run a worse candidate.

But also, Biden lost badly last time and only took office on the back of massive voter fraud. I think we’re more prepared to ensure free and fair elections this time (though there might indeed be a “What fresh Hell is this?”moment if Conservatives don’t get out in droves to true the vote).

Plus, his governance has been an absolute disaster. It has been incompetence on a cosmic scale! He is VERY clearly a senile old man who is NOT driving the bus but who is just in it for the fame and the delicious White House pudding!

I just don’t think “Biden” has a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning fairly in 2024. I mean, look at his polling numbers, for Pete’s sake! And given that he will at least lose the House in 2022 (since a Republican House will both put an end to the “Biden” legislative crappery AND launch a thousand investigations of his crime family), I don’t see this ending without him being revealed as a dirty turd. And that just won’t look good for him in a 2024 re-match.

He will also be impeached, and rightly so. But the Senate Democrats won’t convict, even further driving the point home that the Democrats are merely political hacks and NOT even-handed and fair public servants.

And, unlike 2022, the 2024 elections are inherently difficult for Senate Democrats, anyway. See, 2022 is, in terms of election numbers, a favorable year for Senate Democrats, and yet they are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. But the Senate electoral landscape will not be as favorable to them in 2024…

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