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As I think

about it, the end result of force and coercion is conflictual rebellion. The Left has force and coercion at its core, and the problem is that it will eventually explode, hurting everyone (including the Leftists). Yes, misery for everyone! Parenthetically, that’s why the Founding Fathers leaned so heavily on Federalism.

If you really didn’t like something in one state, you moved to a different one. And you are seeing that very thing in MANY people moving from CA and NY to Florida.

In the case where government uses force (say, the FBI) against their “enemies,” the best outcome for the despots is to be voted out, not to face the guillotine. THAT is the outcome I personally want!

But there is a very real risk that things will go sideways and “Madame de la guillotine” gets to slake her thirst. If you gain and keep power by force, there is always the risk that someday someone stronger than you comes along…

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