Fighting Back

The time for

Conservatives being “tame” may indeed be coming to a close. And anyone who expects Leftists to go softly into that good night of Righty self-assertion is an utter fool.

But the truth is, Conservatives have been willing to take a TON of abuse.

Does the Left expect any of this to tame the MAGA movement? If so, they aren’t as smart as they think they are. Those opposing a socialist takeover of America are becoming less tame every day. And it’s all the fault of the Democrat party and the leftists it has aligned itself with.

We wanted to talk politely when Barack Obama broke every campaign promise he had made. We were told to shut up.

We raised our voices with the Tea Party.  Rather than hear us, the Left called us every vile name they could think of.

Now we’re peacefully shouting with our MAGA megaphone. Is the left willing to talk yet? Nope. Instead, they’ve sent our “public servants” from the government to¬†attack our freedom, prosperity, and civil liberties.

You know, this kinda reads like The Declaration Of Independence: A litany of offenses to logically explain our actions.

No wonder the Left hated the Tea Party!

We’re still shouting — louder every day. Our discontent hasn’t turned into a brawl yet — and it doesn’t need to. But the time for “tame” is long past.

The problem is that the harder they tighten their grip, the more free people will slip between their fingers (so to speak).

BUT, I don’t think they are wise enough to realize that just like those old “Chinese finger handcuffs” we used to get from the dentist when we were kids, the solution is to stop trying to move the fingers apart and move the fingers together a little. I’m just not sure that the Left CAN “loosen up a bit.”

And as a result the pressure increases and increases and increases…

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