Political philosophy

Just ask the rulers:

The Plebes are getting uppity! Yes, they know well that the peasants are revolting.

The latest example is the election of Giorgia Meloni in Italy, but before that there was the conservative victory in Sweden (Sweden!!). Eastern Europe has leadership that is far too traditional for their liking, and of course in the United States the Republican Party has jettisoned the Romney- and McCain-type candidates who gracefully lose, and instead embraced more aggressive and winning candidates such as Ron DeSantis.

… The rightward shift in electorates in the West is driven by much more fundamental reasons: the internationalist Left seems determined to sacrifice average voters on the alter of some dystopian vision of the future where we all own nothing and eat crickets. When leaders are shutting down farms because they are limiting fertilizer use, they should expect people to object.

“Far-right” is a scare word for anybody to the Left of Biden or Macron, not a precise term describing a genuine ideology.

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