Morality Political philosophy

Leftists who also

consider themselves religious are in for a shock.

Christian Lefties, you DO realize that your religion and your politics are irreconcilable, right? And soon you will have to choose one or the other.

There are already many “Christian” Democrats who selectively look away from sexual libertinism and wink indulgently at infanticide. And those lines, while more than a bit blurry for most of us 20 years ago, are NOW in stark relief.

But it WILL get worse–much worse. The chasm between traditional religion and Lefty politics is getting wider and wider by the day. But even now, one can only straddle the divide by intentionally and very selectively ignoring certain things.

Yes, that divide was a manageable position 30 years ago. But today the contortions are no longer rationally or logically even possible.

Already, lots of people are christian (with a small “c”), but Democrat (with a capital “D”). And the day is rapidly approaching when they can no longer maintain even that. The cognitive dissonance and the external pressure will be just too great for them. It simply won’t be possible to practically maintain both allegiances.

Religious people, the Democrat party is NOT your natural “home.” Come home. Please, read the article. And weep.

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