Conspiracy Injustice

Here’s what I

think will happen: There is a LONG investigation of Hunter Biden, who is eventually found guilty (or the time runs out on Joe in terms of time in office). BUT Hunter doesn’t finger Joe.

Why? Because Joe resigns or is defeated, and at the last second pardons Hunter. And that pardon power is TOTALLY absolute. Joe can’t be impeached because he is out of office. Besides, Joe is dead of old age in just a few years, or at the very least incompetent to stand trial (even now, probably). And many Senate Democrats won’t vote to convict regardless of the evidence, anyway. And since Hunter never ratted him out, Joe is not even charged with a crime!

The ONLY possible hitch is that Joe falls (or something) and dies very suddenly. THEN the issue is whether Kamala will pardon Hunter. And I think that is a little less likely than Joe. Still, Joe has very probably amassed enough “dirt” on Kamala that he can ensure a pardon for Hunter from her if it should come to that.

Just you watch! Neither of them will be ever brought to justice…

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