Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys Political philosophy

It is a REAL

problem. For example:

So why did Rubin get it SO wrong?

Well, because she dwells more or less exclusively in Lefty fever swamps. She got her information from the likes of the NYT. She is NOT intellectually stupid, she is just grossly misinformed and doesn’t even know it!

See, this kind of bias is often relatively subtle. There was no “central authority” directing her–it is just the water she swims in.

And so it is with many Leftists. They are not low-IQ, they are just willfully and chronically misinformed. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, its not that they don’t know anything, it’s just that so much of what they know is actually not true!

This is the “paradigm blindness” described by Yoram Hazony. When I am ensconced in the Lefty fever swamp, ALL I see is Lefty drivel, and it is almost always unchallenged. And so it becomes transparent to me. And I am blind to other ways of looking at it.

We saw that when Mitt Romney said he was a “severe Conservative.” Huh? No Conservative talks like that! He was (and still is) blind to the Conservative paradigm. As one wag said, he does indeed speak Conservative, but with a heavy accent.

Conservatives tend not to have this problem. Why? Because Leftism is so culturally dominant. I can’t go to a movie, watch TV, listen to the radio, or even go to work without being confronted by Leftism. So to be a Conservative I have to have a little bit of punk rocker in me! I have to be willing to swim against the tide–sometimes at great risk to me, personally!

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