Elections Fighting Back

Yeah, I sure

hope so!

But, even at that, the polls during this cycle are likely the worst we’ve ever seen and the fault lies more with the administration than the polling industry. There is simply no way to accurately capture voting percentages when broad swaths of the country are hiding their views.

… But a lot has changed since 2016. Where voters might have once had concerns about how they would be perceived, they now know that the government and its cultural flying monkey minions view them as the enemy.  The scales have fallen from their eyes. So, the shy voter has been replaced by the smart voter who has seen far too much evidence that the government is out to get him, or at least to monitor and silence him.

… Conservative Americans know that nobody who draws the eye of Sauron will walk away unscathed even if they ultimately prevail in court, forced to spend all their time and resources trying to defend themselves against the tyrannical state. Even where the government and its handmaidens can’t use sympathetic judges and venues to destroy innocent lives, they will use the process to punish to send a very clear message.    

… We will see how the polls magically “shift” over the next month, but I believe that any Democrat Senate candidate who is not ahead by at least four points come election day is in deep trouble.     

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