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kooky conspiracy theorist!

In a stunning turn of events, one of Pfizer’s top executives admitted Monday that the Pharma giant had no idea if the mRNA vaccine that Pfizer developed would prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

… That’s when the executive admitted, on the record, that the vaccine mandates and passports imposed by governments worldwide were entirely unjustified

“If you don’t get vaccinated, you’re anti-social! This is what the Dutch prime minister and health minister told us. You don’t get vaccinated just for yourself, but also for others — you do it for all of society. That’s what they said,” Roos recounted. “Today, this turns out to be complete nonsense.”

By the way, does anyone have any extra conspiracy theories they could lend me? Because the ones I had have all turned out to be true

The damage these guys have done to the world is just staggering. Kids trying to go to college. A rapid and HUGE decline in military recruits. Widespread job loss. Kids losing out forever on academic skills. Young athletes dropping dead on playing fields. Misery and death for virtually everyone.

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