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Truly, a dying

breed, And good riddance, morons!

Last month, Joe Biden declared that the pandemic was over. It was one of those rare instances in which the president says something that actually makes sense. Of course it’s over. Local and state legal restrictions have receded into near oblivion, and most Americans go about their usual this and that with nary a thought of the Rona.

… Not only were we played for fools, we were mocked and chastised, fired from jobs, called grandma killers, barred from social media, fined for running our businesses, and just generally treated quite shabbily. Do we simply forget all that?

… The real kindness here is to tell people who aren’t at rare, unique, and specific risk to Covid that they look utterly ridiculous when they continue these absurd precautions that didn’t work in the first place. It’s like wearing a T-shirt that says, “don’t take anything I say seriously.”

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