Evil Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Yeah, I’ve been

telling you that for some time now. It was utterly predictable to anyone with a shred of developmental knowledge!

Researchers found that babies born into lockdown had “deficits” in communication and other social skills compared to those born pre-Covid. 

… As a result, babies “missed the opportunity of meeting a normal social circle of people outside the family home, including other babies and grandparents,” thus impacting their social skills.

I am a little kid guy, a developmental guy by training. I have been saying for the last two years that this (and particularly the masks) has been horrible for infants and toddlers.

Yes, young kids may improve. Some. And that remediation is absolutely worthwhile. But understand well that there is a “critical period” when these things can develop, and after that they never will be automatic, regardless of remediation. Can they get better? Sure.

But like with a language, they will ALWAYS have an “accent.” They can learn the rules, but the critical period for being “native” is gone, never to return.

This cohort will never recover. And for no damned good reason. It is infuriating to me! May they rot in Hell! These kids were sacrificed on the altar of Lefty lust for power.

Evil. This has just been evil. Staggeringly so. And THAT falls directly on the head of Joe Biden and the global cabal of COVIDarians!

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