Culture Fighting Back

Is THIS more

likely? Seems to me that it is. A national “divorce” is pretty dang complicated. And one thing I’ve learned is that the more complicated a thing is the less likely it is to actually happen, let alone solve the problems. For example:

When was the last time you heard of a happy divorce, especially when the exes have to live next door to each other? And they would – right next door to us. A national divorce means splitting up the country. This state goes blue, that one red. Some places are easy to take – yeah, blues, Chicago is all yours. But what about the rest of Illinois? Once you get out of Beetlejuice’s hellhole, you are mostly among normal Americans who like America, know which bathroom to use, and don’t murder each other with gleeful abandon. What, are we going to leave them behind the lines?

… Now, there are stirrings of a backlash. There is an informal separation going on already as normal people move to free states.

… And they are losing their grip. There is not going to be a national divorce. There is going to be a national backlash, a backlash against the stupid, corrupt, and evil ideology of the left. We normal people are not going anywhere. We’re not chopping up our country any more than we are going to tolerate these monsters chopping up our little kids. We will not divorce them. We will defeat them. And it will be glorious.

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