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The political “hit”

on Biden has VERY clearly gone out. Now it’s pretty much everyone for themselves. How do I know? Because this is NPR!

Brown said the thing that keeps him up at night is retirement. Although it’s still decades away, he sees people come in to the optician’s shop every day who thought they had done enough saving for their future, and are now stuck making really difficult decisions. “I see some of these elderly patients that come in and they’re like, ‘Do I pay the electric this month, or do I get new glasses?'”

It’s NOT that NPR is wrong. It’s that this is a CYA move for them. It is QUITE clear that Democrats will lose the House in November–and very possibly the Senate, as well. Kari Lake is likely to win. Ron DeSantis is a virtual lock. Even deep-blue Oregon is competitive! NO Democrat is truly “safe.”

But understand well that this is in no way a conversion to straight news by NPR. No, it is a strategic retreat.

So let’s not be fooled…

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