Bad Faith

Oh yeah, there’s a

problem with Fetterman’s Dr.’s note…

Well, more than one. But I will focus on just one. ANYONE who has heard Fetterman speak knows very well there is a speech problem. Let’s just be honest about it!

According to Dr. Chen, Fetterman “spoke intelligently without cognitive deficits” and his speech “was normal and he continues to exhibit symptoms of an auditory processing disorder which can come across as hearing difficulty.

OK, speech alone is not really a deal-breaker. With my MS, there is no cognitive impairment, but there IS this funky “cerebellar speech.”

But there is a FAR bigger problem with Fetterman:

Well, according to a report from the Washington Free Beacon, Chen [Fetterman’s physician] is a big-time Democratic donor, and that might just have something to do with it.

“According to campaign finance records, Chen has given tens of thousands of dollars over the years to Democratic candidates and party committees,” the Free Beacon reports. “He contributed $1,330 to Fetterman’s campaign, including a $500 donation in June 2021, before he became Fetterman’s doctor. Chen donated to other Senate candidates running in close races this cycle, including Rep. Val Demings (D., Fla.) and Sen. Raphael Warnock (D., Ga.).”

… Fetterman and his campaign haven’t been honest about Fetterman’s health problems since his stroke. Frankly, he’s acting like he’s got something to hide. On its face, the doctor’s note itself was suspicious, but when you consider that it was written by a Democrat donor, well… let’s just say it raises a few red flags.

Nice try, Fetterman…

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