Anti-scientific stance Civil Rights

Well, I am indeed pretty

happy about it. Not because it totally solves the problem, but because maybe–maybe–there will be ONE non-ignoramus on the panel. And that is a stark and HUGE change for the better…

Sure, it may be mainly morons and nincompoops, but at least there is a chance that some truth will get out! And there will be a few people who are non-partisan enough to see it and say, “You know, that actually makes a lot of sense!”

And THAT is why the gun-control nutters™ are totally soiling their britches over this. They just can’t tolerate reasoned opposition.

Olbermann is doing his usual angry-to-the-point-of-mental-illness clueless rant (doesn’t he have any other setting?). Lefties are NOT used to having to actually defend their empty and puerile pontifications! A true Democrat avoids that when they can, right?

And if they are wrong on this, what else might they be wrong about? See, the whole house of cards starts to wobble…

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