Current Events

So what do

we do now?

Our society is filled with people whose view of proper discourse is temper tantrums, not the rational weighing of costs and benefit. When world leaders bow down to teenagers who skip school to protest climate change the target of our anger shouldn’t be the teenager, but the adults who embrace her. The same with these idiots. We should publicly shame every adult who cheers on these absurd displays of childishness.

Here’s what we do: Take a page out of the Volkswagen book. Put a curtain around these kids and move the art work (if you can). The painting had glass in front of it, so the actual work was not damaged from the soup. So when closing time comes, just turn off the lights and leave. Don’t call the police. Station a security guard/TV monitor to track what is going on.

Let them soil themselves (further). Let them get hungry. Let them get thirsty. Let them have to go to the bathroom. Let them get tired of standing. Heck, they might eventually collapse and rip their own hands off the wall! Yeah, not my problem… Let them fully partake of the fruits of their actions.

The next day comes? They remain permanently glued to the wall. They are now an exhibit–in several ways.

Oh, and no solvent to remove their hands when they finally beg to be released. Let them rip their eventually own hands off the wall! Lesson one: Behaviors often have immediate consequences

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