Media Flying Monkeys Political Strategy

Yes, it is

happening. It is indeed just starting to happen now. Because the writing is on the wall as to what will happen in the mid-terms, and some reporters and politicians want to beat the Christmas rush….

But you will see it in spades once Democrats get shellacked in the mid-terms! Just you wait.

It started as anonymous grumblings from Democratic Party operatives talking to the New York Times about the president’s job performance. But now, we’re seeing louder, on-the-record screams about Biden’s competency. These primarily concern the president’s age and polling, which suggests his diminishing reelection chances. Take Politico’s new reporting on the progressive groups now openly calling on Biden to abandon plans for a second term.

… All polling points to Biden’s majorities in the House and Senate being wiped out come the November midterm elections. When that happens, and I mean the very next day, these innuendos and grumblings for Biden to step aside will become full-bore primal screams, and he won’t be able to survive them.

I don’t think there is any doubt that Democrats will have an orgy of vituperative blamestorming after the mid-terms. And Biden himself may well be (and almost for sure WILL be) the primary target. Democrats hope to use him as a bona fide scapegoat: They will lay ALL the “sins” of the Democrats on him and then send him out into the wilderness to die. It’s pure misdirection. They will “cast him out” in atonement for their own sins!

If Democrats lose both the House and the Senate, you can bet your sweet Aunt Fanny that the Democrat long knives will come out for Old Joe Biden and his evil clown cabal.

Just be assured that you will hear the old saw, “It’s NOT an indication that Leftism is a steaming pile of crap, it is just that Joe Biden is an incompetent fool!

You know, just like, “But real Communism has never been tried!

Remember, I called it!

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