Banana Republic of Brandon Conspiracy Evil

It was a clever

attempt to do something blatantly unconstitutional (and illegal) by hiding behind the idea that no one would have legal standing to sue.

So, for a while, it seemed that even though Biden’s plan was glaringly constitutionally suspect, nobody would be able to challenge it in court, meaning it wouldn’t be struck down even if it was unconstitutional. Thankfully, various right-of-center plaintiffs have come up with creative ways to challenge the plan in court. One such lawsuit that has emerged is a suit by six states claiming that their finances would be harmed by Biden’s bailout because they’re heavily invested in private companies that service loans and will take a big hit from the president’s cancellation initiative.

… There’s really only one reason Biden and his administration would so drastically change their plan: They know it won’t hold up in court if a challenge is allowed to move forward. That’s right. Biden is knowingly pushing an unconstitutional policy and simply hoping he can evade scrutiny by the courts. [emphasis added]

So, this is no longer just about bad policy or wasted taxpayer money. Biden’s legal tactics are a national disgrace — and a flagrant, partisan attempt to avoid the checks and balances built into our constitutional order.

Yes, it’s a disgrace. It’s despotic. But then again, there’s “Biden” for ya!

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