Buffoons Media Flying Monkeys

Just brutal!

Totally. And the interviewer was completely ignorant of the facts. What, did she get her information from the lefty fever swamps?

What a moron!

No freakin’ WONDER the MSM is a laughingstock among educated and informed people!

As per the norm, the media are going all out in the final weeks before the election in a clear effort to rescue Joe and his fellow Democrats, even if they have to continue smearing Trump supporters in the process. Sadly for the MSM, all signs are not just pointing to a red wave of significant proportions, but trust in the media as an institution has crumbled, so their machinations – while predictable – are likely to have little to no impact, as the above MSNBC reporter found out the hard way. 

Regular people are rightfully angry. And that anger should inform how they vote in November…

My prediction? People are already angry, and if Democrats cheat and steal yet again, there will be Hell to pay. That’s NOT a threat, it is a prediction. Let’s ALL hope it never gets to that point…

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