Lefty Political Philosophy

Yes, they are

dodging. But let’s understand that this is NOT just a superficial political ploy for them. THIS is an intrinsic part of Leftism itself!

In the last two decades or so, Leftists have become less and less willing to engage in rational discussion at all. It started with hardcore run-of-the-mill Lefties who were hopelessly mired in the Lefty fever swamp. But it has metastasized to even Democrat candidates!

At first, it seemed that they were just avoiding because their positions were laughably weak. It was just a dodge (and ALWAYS blamed on the other party for being “rude”). Sure, there were excuses made of “I don’t want to argue,” often under the guise of “preserving the relationship” or something like that.

Of course, it was all a big scam.

If you are not already converted to the gospel of Leftism, they won’t even talk to you, let alone debate a point. They will not leave their “bubble,” their “circle of safety.” THAT leads to the Conservative side…

So this is what you are seeing now: The scam has progressed so far that even many Lefty candidates won’t debate. They want you to buy a cat in a bag! Or more rightly said, they want you to vote because you are converted to Leftism, NOT because you were convinced by a rational argument.

Several Democratic candidates in competitive races have decided to skip out on debates against their GOP opponents, hoping instead to run out the clock in races in which they hold (or once held) the lead. The biggest offender is Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the Democratic nominee for governor. Hobbs’s campaign has been losing ground fast to GOP nominee Kari Lake. A confident candidate would agree to a debate and show voters that Lake is the “election denier” who “doesn’t live in fact,” as Hobbs has claimed.

… These Democrats have no confidence they can defend themselves or the positions of the Democratic Party. After all, unified Democratic control of the federal government has been a clear disaster. Democrats can’t talk about issues that voters care about, such as inflation or crime. Instead, many are choosing to simply stop talking at all.

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