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Yes, yes.

The worm has turned

The new talking point from Democrats is that those school closures, lockdowns, mandates…didn’t really happen. At least they weren’t nearly as comprehensive and long-lasting as those mean Republicans are saying.

Well, I have a reminder for them. Not only did they pound the “deplorables” into the ground with mandates, censorship, school closures lasting up to a year, and economic sanctions for failing to comply–vast numbers of Democrats wanted the COVID fascists to do even more. The madness was real, the harm extensive, and the real threat to our democracy was laid bare by oppressive Democrat policies.

Yes, we are seeing COVID denialism. Only it’s not Conservatives denying that COVID is an issue, it’s Lefties denying their past utterly despotic and destructive behavior in response to COVID. That response was, and still is in places, FAR more damaging to Americans than the virus itself.

The BEST they can say is that they are naïve gulls and slack-jawed minions. Doesn’t exactly inspire voter confidence, now does it?

So next time you hear a Democrat politician dancing around about how Democrats are for freedom, or that their COVID policies weren’t too strict really, remember how insane the Democrat Party went over this issue.

And the damage has indeed been immense. Just as a child psychologist it was always very clear to me that this would cause huge and irreversible damage in our children. And, alas, it has…

But, of course, there was a whole lot more damage than that!

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