Dementia Joe Dishonesty

Oh, but it’s SUCH

a good story, eh?

The question I have is whether Biden is even aware that this is pure fantasy. He has always been an inveterate, habitual liar, and now that he is so demented, he probably doesn’t even know fact from fantasy.

I mean, who knows? But we know for a fact that he is either lying or grossly demented! Neither is a good look for him…

In his latest gaffe, President Joe Biden during a Thursday speech claimed that he gave up his “starting job” on the University of Delaware football team to be with his first wife, the late Neilia Hunter Biden.  

… In the same Syracuse speech, Biden also made the false claim that gas prices were “over $5” when he entered the presidential office, when it was actually $2.39, according to Townhall. 

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