Sociopathy Stooooopid!

Here is the

solution to this kind of jackassery: Don’t call the police. Turn out the lights and go home when the place closes, maybe leaving a security guard in place. Cordon it off immediately during the day with a 7-foot sheet of material.

Let these folks who glued their own hands to pee and poop their own britches. Let them go hungry and thirsty. Turn off the lights. Ignore them and deny them the attention they crave. Tell them that of course they are free to go at any time–though they may have to rip their hands off the structure in order to do so (though they did that of their own free will, WE didn’t do that to them!). We will give them a bandaid out of the first aid kit if they need it…

And of course, they are personally liable for any damages!

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