Media Flying Monkeys

It has seemed

like it would never happen. But maybe it is.

ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, all the comedy channels, news outlets, Hollywood, the music industry…no matter where you turn one is inundated by messages that Republicans are Mega-evil MAGA election denying racist sexist homophobic trans-killing maniacs armed to the teeth. Our president trots out the possibility of using F-15s to hold back the hordes of AR-15 wielding rednecks who go out on lynching parties to prevent children from reading books or something.

… The growing distrust of the MSM is starkly revealed in the polls, and I think they understate the disgust that people are feeling toward the MSM. People feel lied to. They know they are being spun. With every lie comes a reminder of the constant string of lies we used to buy, but now know are false.

… It is stunning, and if I were in the industry I would be terrified. people have woken up to their disgusting role as propagandists for the regime and once the trust is gone, it is not coming back.

Yeah, it’s not working anymore. Wise people have realized that they are being manipulated, lied to. And while the MSM still has influence for now, that influence is dissipating…

Kari Lake will win. She has gotten not one scintilla of positive or fair coverage, and she is going to win by defeating the MSM. She is a paladin fighting for all of us. Not against her opponent, who is a ridiculous nobody, but against the corrupt system. She joins DeSantis in the pantheon of media slayers.

And I have to admit, I thought it would have already happened. I figured about 20212 that since hardly anyone I knew took the MSM as a purveyor of truth and major brands were getting pounded, the long night of the MSM Orc was over. Well, not quite. The first light in the East has not yet come. But the sky is lightening, and that end is much closer, now.

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