Election Fraud

Well, I think that

that is likely true. The fly in the ointment is… voter fraud. I just have severe misgivings about the fairness of the process. Democrats have abundantly shown they they will cheat if given half a chance.

Already we are seeing this: PA Voter Database Suffers Outage as Election Day Nears. Kinda… odd, wouldn’t you say? Also, Biden is saying how it will suddenly take a few days to “count” the vote. You know, enough time to fabricate ballots. Ominous!

So yes, all signs point to a HUGE red wave. But, Democrats WILL cheat and it’s hard to know just how successful they will be in that cheating.

But you can bet that Democrats will not go softly into that good night, and are more than happy to risk a civil war over tyranny. So they may cheat their way into keeping the Senate.

BUT, the silver lining is that I DON’T think they can cheat enough to keep the House. So that may be all the “good guys” have. I dearly hope it is enough.

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